The theoretical appendix for ”What happens next?”: PDF for download

Otto von Busch and Karl Palmås’ What Happens Next? An appendix on fashion stewardship and social entrepreneurship, published by Camino Press, can now be downloaded.

Get the file by clicking here.

Some quotes from the publication:

In recent years, social entrepreneurship has emerged as a popular vehicle for producing social change. However, in order to explore this phenomenon further, notions of “the social” and “entrepreneurship” must be exploded. In this text – a theoretical appendix to the picture book What Happens Next? – von Busch and Palmås discuss the concept of fashion stewardship in relation to a politics of invention.

“I hear comments sometimes that large oil companies are greedy companies or don’t care. But that is not the case in BP: We care about the small people.” (Carl-Henric Svanberg, Chairman of BP)

If naturalisation of the economy is the main problem, maybe we should be more engaged in interfering with what counts as “natural”? Maybe we should try to alter various consensuses regarding whether a certain activity “naturally” fits inside this, already existing, economy? Maybe we should be less focussed on spotting and critiquing “greenwashing”, and more engaged in the active activity of “greedwashing”: Showing that certain activities (such as fair trade production and organic farming) can exist in this naturalised economy…

the notion of fashion stewardship, implies a shift in focus… [it is] concerned with “what happens next”, after the point of purchase, after the hand-over to the consumer.

… it is the very construction of the economy that is at stake – which components can be plugged into the economy, making it act in novel ways? What other capcities and logics can be teased out of the economic infrastructure? Seen in this way, some social entrepreneurs are engaged in inventing new economies.

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