Notes from NFF: On practices of propagation

Currently at the NFF (Nordic business studies) conference in Stockholm, preparing some slides for tomorrow’s presentation of Sri Lanka material. The paper that I am presenting is a part of a longer argument, sketched out over a series of papers presented this summer – at ICSB in Stockholm, EGOS in Gothenburg, and Deleuze Studies in [...]

Tonality, not rationality

In case anyone happens to be in Copenhagen in a week from now: Karl will speak at the Deleuze Studies conference, wednesday the 29th. More information is available here.


Fieldwork and paper-writing

Jonas and Karl are currently in Sri Lanka, collecting some more material, but also finding some time to work on research papers. The texts will be presented at three Scandinavia-based conferences this summer – the Deleuze Studies Annual Conference in Copenhagen, the Annual Colloquium of EGOS in Gothenburg, and the NFF conference in Stockholm.


Mode <> uppfinning

Blev häromdagen tipsad om en liten film, ”Opus 13 Résonance”, där vi får se Gilles Deleuze samtala med Claire Parnet, ihopklippt med diverse skejting-antics.


The ”post-productive” is the productive

Notes from a study visit in Berlin: About the contested space around the Spree, and the activism and entrepreneurship that emerges in derelict spaces.


”Lava, kött och memer: Om DeLandas flödande materia”

Introduktion till Manuel DeLanda, publicerad i Ord & Bild – läs hela artikeln här.