Satiriska alternativet till alternativet

Köpfri dag? Nejdå, imorgon är det ”Make Them Pay Day”!

Saxat från Facebookeventet med samma namn: 

The communist have their Buy Nothing Day – we have the Make Them Pay Day.

On this day we celebrate the commodification of everyday life and attack the hidden communist aspects of society. Nothing is free (especially not lunches!) so to make a point we charge people.

Chatting with a friend on the phone? Charge them 0.99$ a minute!

Do somebody want to have sex with you? Don´t go below 500$!

Having some people over? Well they should pay a cover charge!

See folks breathing without the oxygen fee meter running? Charge them per gallon!

Some commie hippie scum wants to drink water from the tap? No can do on Make Them Pay Day, only bottled water allowed!

Make Them Pay Day will eventually lead to the fall of communism.

God bless you all.

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  1. Marcus

    Fniss… Riktigt roligt faktiskt, lite VÄL rolig för att komma från höger. Jag tror på en självironisk vänsterkonspiration. 😉

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