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Designing Consent

The article on design thinking and democracy is published. Here is some background on it.

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On ”the new self-employed”

Olav Fumarola Unsgaard and myself have co-written a book chapter on ”self-employment and generational equality”. The introduction can be found at Olav’s blog.

Skrev ett litet brev till FT

Det lyder som följer:

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”A production of worlds?”

Some information about this Friday’s lecture and conversation with Noko Jeans.

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BADco’s ”The League of Time”: How to produce the suggestive?

A post about affect-production, concept-production, and the suggestive realm.

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New edition of KIM

Edition six is available at the usual place. This time: Clips from Tokyo.

Kapital, identität, macht no 4…

… is available at the (recently renovated) website, and on Soundcloud. In this edition: A night at Hemliga Trädgården in Stockholm, and a chat with DJ Rupture about cumbia rebajadas/screw rap.

KIM drei

Yet another edition of Kapital/Identität/Macht is available, from the usual sources. This time: Otto on hacking, a sneak preview of material from the upcoming (?) film about The Pirate Bay, and some general hanging out in Copenhagen.