Imorgon: ”The Social Beyond Anthropocentrism”

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When: 18:00-21:00
Where: Glashuset, Valand School of Fine Arts
(Entrance: Teatergatan)

Panel 18:30
The Social Beyond Anthropocentrism

Anthony Marcellini (contributor to Paletten # 286-287)
Matthew Rana (contributor to Paletten # 286-287)
Karl Palmås (contributor to Paletten # 286-287)
Sinzina Ravini (editor Paletten)
Fredrik Svensk (editor Paletten)
+ others

The panel will discuss the contributions by Anthony Marcellini, Matthew Rana and Karl Palmås in Paletten # 286-287 focusing on speculative sociology and non-anthropocentrism in social art practice.

Matthew Rana is an artist and writer living and working in Gothenburg, where he teaches at Valand School of Fine Arts. He is a contributor to Art-Agenda and Frieze, and a new essay on object-oriented approaches to social practice will appear in What We Want is Free, forthcoming from SUNY Press.

Karl Palmås is a social scientist based at Chalmers University of Technology. He currently writes up a three-year ethnography of fertilizer politics and Chinese state capitalism in Sri Lanka, and works on a short text about speculative social science.

Anthony Marcellini is an artist and writer based in Gothenburg. MFA in Social Practice from California College of the Arts, San Francisco (2009). Recent shows at Guest Projects, London (2011) and Sequences Art Festival, Reykjavik (2011). He is writes for Art Practical is a guest lecturer at Valand School of Fine Arts.