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Kapital/Identität/Macht zwei

New edition of KIM out – you’ll find it at the website or on soundcloud – here is the running order:
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Gabriel de Tarde, Underground Man

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”Panopticism is waning; panspectrocism is the nascent social diagram that organizes our lives.” English translation of the Swedish Smitto(nto)logi-article previously published in Glänta is now published in English (web, PDF), in Eurozine.

Call for Papers: Societies of Control and New Technologies of Surveillance

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A robot historian ponders the cathedral and the bazaar

The film from the ”Take Action!” exhibition is now on YouTube – with Chris K score, or a capella.
Update, Friday noon: DJ Chris K has blogged about the clip (in Swedish).

London; oligoptic and panspectric

I have just posted a text on the oligopticon vs. the panspectron at

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The ontological factor: On community-based and relational art

This past Friday, Nina Möntmann held a lecture on ”Transforming Communities” at the seminar for advanced art theory at the Valand School of Fine Art. Below are some of my own thoughts on the rise of community-based art.

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Report from Dorkfest London

The Dorkfest is a public event where hackers, circuit benders and other enthusiasts can demonstrate their latest creations. Or – as the website has it – the fest is a ”weekend gathering at the edge of art, science and uselessness”¦ a two day showcase of inventions and explorations into electricity and it’s (stranger) uses.”

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